image & product campaign

Whether your organization is launching its first campaign or you've had successful campaigns in the past, preparation is as important as executing the campaign itself.

The following are common types of marketing campaign.

  • Product Launch
  • The launch of a new product or service may involve much advertising, promotion and coordination with distribution partners.

Brand Launch

The launch of a new brand that may include multiple products and services.


Rebranding a company or set of products. For example, firms may rebrand after a merger. Rebranding is often an extensive activity that touches visual branding, customer experience, merchandising and corporate culture.

Seasonal Push

A revenue push for a major season for a company such as back-to-school or Christmas.


A firm that is facing reputational issues, declining customer satisfaction and increased competition may respond with a marketing campaign that includes elements such as improved customer experience.

Brand Awareness

A campaign designed to build or maintain brand awareness. Firms with valuable brands may launch extensive campaigns on a continual basis to defend their position.

Revenue Push

A campaign designed to meet short term revenue goals such as a quarterly target. For example, a sales promotion coupled with an effective advertising campaign may boost revenue.