ui and ux design


The Technological Innovations & Revolutions in human life somehow act as either sides of a coin. Any outcome of the Technology Innovation directly or indirectly urges a human interface/interaction to operate.

The sense/study of providing an easy, optimum and effective user interface to these technological devices is called User Interface Design (or simple UI Design). The Technological Innovation does not make any sense unless and until is provided with the best UI Design (if applicable), in other way around we can say: "The fact make it possible is called Innovation while the fact which make it usable and versatile is called Revolution". The better & optimum UI Design get/carry Revolution(s) in the world.

The importance of the UI Design can be understood just by seeing a well-known Computer’s Operating System: Microsoft Windows. Even if the Microsoft is having a plenty of bugs, also there is nothing to say as significant in providing security against attacks & virus solutions within it, still most out of the world is fan of using just Microsoft Windows, because of if it’s optimum and versatile UI Design.

Mobile UI Design

  • In today’s world, a Mobile does not behave as single communication devise, our day to day activities have become more or less dependent on the usage of Mobile phones.
  • Today Emails, Chatting, Video Calling, Audio/Video Playing, Games Zone, and even e-Commerce and other business kinds of activities are successfully achieved through just a Mobile device.
  • This very fact brings before us the significance of UI Design in Mobile
  • The measures for deriving a Mobile UI Design, decides whether your product (obviously mobile operated software) would stay & revolutionize the world, or just get kicked out of market.
  • We at DesignDot’s Mobile Development Unit highly recommend spending a considerable amount of time (from the whole development cycle of an application) to finalizing the best/optimum UI Design for Mobile Applications
  • Our UI Design Experts sit together with the Development Team and study the whole application, checks the ins and outs as well as the whole life cycle of an application in the context of human interaction. After that they finalize the UI Design and send it for approval of Development Team for the feasibility context.
  • Elementary Approach at DesignDot for Mobile UI Design
  • DesignDot’s Mobile Development Unit is involved in making outstanding applications with the optimum and flexible UI Interface Design. Apart from our Mobile development Service, we even offer just the designs and Elementary Layouts of the application as well. The service(s) for Mobile UI Design that we offer is better described as bellow:

Application UI

  • As per client's requirement/demand, we can offer the whole Application UI Design, covering each parts/elements consumed in Application, from a small button to a complex Table-view, Web-view components.
  • The Application UI covers in-depth explanation notes for each of the module design and other information like sequence (which screen comes after one another etc.) for better idea of the developer team using this design.

Widget Design

  • Together with Application UI Design, we also offer clients a specific Widget Design. The Widget might be any standard tool/kit element which comes normally in distribution of COCOA Framework/ Development SDK or even being a third party licensed tool.
  • As per the application design, we renovate the look & appearance of the widget and check its visual impact in the application, if found suitable, we submit it to the client.


  • To make the application outstanding in terms of look and appearance, we at DesignDot offer Themes Development Service for your Application.
  • The Theme developed at DesignDot for a particular application, is made so flexible in terms of design and integration that it can easily be changed/managed by a user.
  • Our themes for the application complaints with the subject of application, to make it more realistic and usable.

Icon & Graphics

  • Each of the applications in the world, no matter it's a normal computer application or a mobile application; it has an Icon to represent that application
  • Also each of the applications does have its own graphics repository to fulfil the application visual context
  • We at DesignDot offer services for both of these units i.e. Icons & Graphics. Our expert design team develops alternative Icon designs for various applications and submits them for final approval of the client
  • When client approves the icon or a particular set of icons, we finally fine tune these icons (if needed) and deliver it to client
  • Same thing happens for the Graphics (Images/ Gradients, Textures, Wallpapers etc); we derive/design these Graphics elements and show them in the application stage context for final approval, and as and when we get the approval, any pending graphics design work is completed and submitted to client.